Message From an Older Cat

Message from an Older Cat ~ Anonymous

I sit alone and so confused, behind the metal bars.
The loss I am feeling, will forever leave its scars.
My family left me here one day, a month or two ago.
They said, “Don’t worry, you’ll find a new home, we know”.
It seems they’d bought a condo, that said “No Pet Permitted”
I thought they’d never leave me, but then they went and do.
My favorite window sill is gone, where I use to lay and sun.
I cried all night the day they left and remembered years of fun.
The people stop and look at me, and always say, “poor thing”.
Then they choose a kitten, when they could of had a King!
As days go by, it’s getting worse, the memories, you see.
Of laughter and my family, hands that once stroked me.
There was lots of laughter as I played with all my toys.
I miss them both so much these days, their love, their kisses, and the joy.
So, please, if you stop by my “home”, just give me an extra rub,
I’ve given up being adopted, but sure could use the love.
And if you really like me, please take me with you.
I’ll be really good, I promise, and love you long and true!

Half of all pet owners have Older Cats ranging in age from 7 to 10 and older. An older cat can live into their late teens or early twenties. Living longer increases the chance of  Arthritis, Deafness, Diabetes, Obesity, Constipation, Dental Problems, Blindness, Senility and more.

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