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Cats – Witches – N – Halloween

CATS AND WITCHES have long been associated with Halloween. Because cats are nocturnal and roamed at night, they were seen as servants to witches, out to harm those the witches had cursed. It was also believed, by some, that witches … Continue reading

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National Black Cat Day

Today is National black Cat Day! Ask anyone who has ever owned a BLACK CAT and they will tell you that BLACK CATS are Beautiful, Loyal, Affectionate Cats and Kittens. In conjunction with Halloween it is a great time to … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer in Dogs N Cats

OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. In addition to humans, Dogs and Cats can also get breast cancer. Mammary Cancer in Female Dogs Breast Cancer in Dogs Mammary Tumors in Cats Cat Mammary Gland Tumors Cat’s Age Matters When Spaying … Continue reading

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Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

The following videos offers helpful tips about brushing your cat’s teeth:

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