Black Cats

Ask anyone who has ever owned a black cat and they will tell you that BLACK CATS are Beautiful, Loyal, Affectionate Cats and Kittens.

BLACK CATS have been worshipped, condemned, persecuted, have been thought of as having powers, as being the omens of bad luck and being also a good luck charm.

The origin of BLACK CATS AND GOOD LUCK is said to have begun in Ancient Egypt with Bast (Bastet) the Goddess and protector of cats, women and children.

And for centuries, BLACK CATS have been also associated with deities, witches and magic.

In most other cultures, black cats are prized possessions and owning one, is said to bring the owner good luck. In many cultures if a black cat walks into your house or home, you are truly blessed.

In western culture, black cats have often been looked upon as a symbol of bad omens.

Part of the mystery surrounding Black Cats may come from interpretation of the color black which depicts night and evil. Black Cats can also be a color of elegance or class (such as a black-tie event). The color Black can also represent ideas such as power, sexuality, formality, sophistication, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, style, sadness, remorse, and anger.

Beliefs and Superstitions about Black Cats from Around the World:

  • In many cultures if a black cat walks into your house or home, you are truly blessed. Some thoughts and superstitions from around the world.
  • If you live in the United Kingdom, or in Japan, the idea of a black cat crossing your path is considered to bring good fortune.
  • Live in Germany, and you will probably believe that black cats crossing your path from left to right, and the cat is granting favorable times for you.
  • In Scotland, a strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity.
  • In Britain, it is believed that if a black cat lived in the house, the young lass would have plenty of suitors.
  • In France, it is believed that if you find one white hair on a black cat, Lady Luck will smile upon you.
  • In Ireland, it is thought that black cats were reincarnated being able to divine the future.
  • Latvian farmers, that find black cats in their grain silos, dance with joy. They believe these felines to be the spirit of Rungis, a god of harvests.
  • In Scotland, folks believe finding black cats sitting in their porch is a sure sign of riches and happiness to come.
  • In the Yorkshires, a black cat was said to bring the fishermen home safely from the seas.
  • In parts of Europe, if a black cat crosses your path, you are considered to have good fortune.

In bright contrast to this image of the “evil” black cat, there is a “good” black cat — the antinomian lucky black cat of the African-American sporting and gambling world. This black cat does double-duty as a representative of the black arts (including the granting of invisibility and the return of lost love) and as a bringer of money luck.

Black Cat Trivia:
Cardinal Richelieu of France, an ailurophile, had 14 cats, one of whom was named Lucifer, the most famous of his cats. Lucifer was a jet black angora. It is said that Richelieu left some of his vast wealth for the continuing care of all of his beloved cats.

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