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Pets and Fireworks

Pets and Fireworks do NOT go well together. Many pets find fireworks scary. Owners, especially new pet parents, may often see their pets squirming, hiding, running, bolting, howling, and more. Unless you’ve planned for it beforehand, it’s hard to know … Continue reading

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The Garden by Moonlight

This mysterious poem “The Garden by Moonlight” by Amy Lowell, features a black cat asleep among roses, other flowers, and insects. The Garden by Moonlight ― by Amy Lowell (1874–1925) A black cat among roses,Phlox, lilac-misted under a first-quarter moon,The … Continue reading

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State Cat of Maryland

The State Cat of Maryland is the Calico Cat On October 1st. 2001, the CALICO became the official State Cat of Maryland. Their colors of orange, black, and white are shared with the state bird, the Baltimore Oriole, and the state … Continue reading

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