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Pets and Fireworks

Pets and Fireworks do NOT go well together. Many pets find fireworks scary. Owners, especially new pet parents, may often see their pets squirming, hiding, running, bolting, howling, and more. Unless you’ve planned for it beforehand, it’s hard to know … Continue reading

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Poison Prevention for Dogs and Cats

Raising Awareness of Poison Prevention For Our Pets Spring is just around the corner. Days will be longer. Pets will be outdoors more where they are likely to encounter potential hazards. Fights, bites, allergic reactions and foreign bodies all pose … Continue reading

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George Washington N Dogs

Happy Presiden’t Day and Happy Birthday to the Father of Our Country, George Washington. George Washington was a dog lover who bred his own unique breed. The American Kennel Club recognizes Mr. Washington as the father of the American Foxhound. Some of … Continue reading

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