To Love a Great Dane

  • To love a Great Dane, is to love humor and destruction, kisses and drool, fur covered clothes and never a moment alone.
  • To own a Great Dane is to own a natural disaster, a piece of heaven and chaos. They are like the winds blowing wildly in the storm and like the grains of sand slipping through our fingers.
  • To lose a Great Dane is to lose your heart, to lose your ground, to lose faith, and to lose one’s self.
  • To those who don’t own a Dane ‐ we are silly, confident, brave, rich and poor.
  • We look messy with fur covered shirts and slobber covered pants, but our hearts are so full.
  • To see us with our giants is awe‐striking to those who have never lived with one, but little do they know we are holding onto a piece of paradise and only for a glimmer of time.

To Love a Great Dane – Author Unknown

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