Simon – The War Hero Cat

In 1854, a cat named Crimean Tom saved invading French and British troops from starvation by leading them to a secret cache of food. And Tiddles served several Royal Navy ships in World War II. In 1940, Faith the Church Cat saved her newborn kitten from a German air raid that destroyed St. Augustine’s Church. And in Iraq, in 2004, Private First Class Hammer ingratiated himself to a U.S. Army unit and eradicated the mice that were contaminating their food supplies.

But, then there was SIMON THE WAR HERO CAT, who served aboard the HMS Amethyst during 1949.

SIMON is the ONLY CAT to have won the Dickin Medal, which is the highest British honor awarded for animal bravery in battle. The Dickin Medal is recognized worldwide as the animals’ Victoria Cross. As of 2018, Simon is the only cat that has ever earned this prestigious award!

Read more about Simon‘s bravery HERE

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