The Saluki is considered the world’s oldest dog breed.

The Saluki is blieved to have originated in Egypt around 329 BC. Their remains have been found in pharaohs’ tombs.

Salukis belong to the Hound breed group. They have had the same look for centuries: mid-size (40-60 lbs), lean and leggy with long, drooping, fluffy ears and soulful eyes.

The Saluki may seem delicate but they can run 30-35 mph. Their speed and prowess at hunting gazelle and other prey, led to their star status among Bedouin tribes.

The Saluki Temperament: Gentle, Dignified, Independent-Minded, Aloof, Quiet, Intelligent, and Reserved

As a family pet, the Saluki often gravitate to couches, beds and other soft surfaces due to their natural lack of fat padding for their bones.

The Saluki is a marvel of elegance.

Vita Sackville-West

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photos source: AKC

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