Reflections of a Feral Cat

I watch beneath the bushes as she fills my dish this day
I only venture out to eat when she has gone away
I hope she understands me when I back away and hide
I hope she knows she’s all I have, there’s no one on my side
I wish that I could tell her that I really don’t want to run
I hope she understands that it’s nothing that she’s done
I’d love to have her pet me and stroke my weary head
But, fear will overcome me and I’ll run and hide instead
When she looks into my eyes, I know she feels my pain
I know she wants to take me far away from all this rain
And when I’m cold and shiver in the deep and cruel snow
She’ll come and give me comfort when I’m feeling lost and low
Thank God that she has found me and I can feel her love
I wish I could go home with her, as she cries to God above
I know it really hurts her to see me live this way
I pray the Lord will care for her, as she cares for me each day

Reflections of a Feral Cat was written by Marilyn Voskovitch

Dedicated to "small but powerful group of kind and caring people who give the lonely and forgotten feral cats a little care, and a little hope where none exist."
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