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1st Bloodhound Westminster Win

A Bloodhound named TRUMPET, won the 146th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Wednesday night, June 22nd in Tarrytown NY, marking the first time the breed has ever won Best in Show. The seven finalists also included a Samoyed, German … Continue reading

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ICYMI In The News

CATs N DOGs in The News Millennials love pets more than siblings, partners — even mom: study How dogs can understand English and even smell your emotion The Lassie complex: why are we so obsessed with dogs saving human lives? … Continue reading

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In The News

In Case You Missed these Stories In the News Beyond Faithful East River Rescue X2 Miraculous Recovery Dogs N Cats Help People With Aphasia

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In The News

In case you missed it in the news Do Dogs Grieve the Loss of a Canine Housemate? Counterfeit canines: the air travelers with fake service dogs Young Ukrainian volunteer killed after delivering food to dog shelter Why do cats love … Continue reading

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