Cat Talk

Cat Talk is A Lighthearted Look at Living with Cats by Globe Digests

Some exerps from the book include:

The Romans gave Venus, their goddess of love, many of the attributes of Bastet, and often depicted her with a cat. Some historians believe importing cats to England was the Romans’ greatest contribution toward civilizing the British.

When company comes, you must walk the fine line between obvious rudeness and actually making the intruders feel welcome. Sniff the guests’ feet, but don’t rub up against them. Jump on their laps, but don’t stay to be petted. Stick around long enough to hear them say how beautiful you are, but not long enough to let on that you care what they think.

The only exception to these rules is when the visitor is a confirmed cat-hater. That’s when you need to pull out all the stops—purr, rub, cling and cuddle, until the offending human sneezes and departs abruptly.

Eyes speak volumes. A cat who wants something can often persuade you to do his bidding simply by staring at you boldly, in a way that makes you search your teeth for spinach or look down to make sure your zipper’s zipped. Once you rule out these possibilities, you can begin to realize there’s something wrong in the cat’s world, like an empty food bowl an hour past dinner time. When a cat squeezes its eyes while looking straight at you, its a sign of deep affection that you should try to reciprocate.

Zen: The art of living contentedly in the present, this is the natural state of consciousness for cats and can be learned by contemplating your kitty.

The Greeks credited their goddess Artemis with creating the cat and ascending to the moon in feline form.

In South America, some people worshipped a puma god and thought medicine men turned into jaguars when they died.

Ailurophile: Cat lover
Ailurophobe: Person who’s scared of felines; what a cat would call a fraidy-human

Catnip: Love bite from an exuberant feline.

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