Cat Quotes

A fish tank is just interactive television for cats. ― Oliver Gaspirtz

In the deep night of metaphysics, all cats look black. ― Terry Eagleton

When you take advice from a cat, there are always consequences. ― Elora Bishop

Has it ever occured to you that crazy cat people may be sane and you be the the crazy one? ― Quitillian Blue

“You have a cat,” she said, surprised. It was an odd-looking cat with no hair on its back and strange ears, but with beautiful green eyes focused on Charlotte. As soon as it saw that it had Charlotte’s attention, it meowed several times with a soft, creaky voice, as if there was a lot it needed to tell her. “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell Frasier. She’s absolutely no danger to those birds. She was a stray and badly burned behind Popcorn a few years ago. When she’s not talking, she sleeps, mostly.” “What’s her name?” “Fig,” Mac said. “Short for Figaro. Because she talks so much she’s downright operatic.” “She’s lovely.” Her tragic beauty made Charlotte want to cry.” ― Sarah Addison Allen

I was a cat person, too. At least, I thought I was. But I couldn’t help wondering if it was possible for an independent, curious cat person to be having a please-love-me, don’t-leave-me, desperate, doggy kind of day. ― Laura Tucker

What did the cat say when her owner was late to feed her? You gotta be kitten me. ― Hannah Tuffin

Orange fluff ball, Rocky is an 18-pound marvel of love, so fluffy, he looks like he’s 26 pounds. He scares the local dogs just by sitting and staring at them. Rocky’s there for me when I get home, purrs when he wants to, leads me to the food bowl when he needs to, licks me in an attempt to heal my wounds, loves cellophane, red ribbons, left over chicken. Rocky, my best friend, is my orange fluff ball, and I wish I could share him with the world. ― Scott C. Holstad

Calmness through osmosis. It can be achieved by petting a cat, and your body absorbs the purring and integrates that healing frequency. ― Jarod Kintz

Pye chat dous men zong li move. The paw of a cat is sweet, but its claws are nasty. ― Farrah Rochon

She places an enormous gray cat wearing a studded rhinestone collar with a matching leash on the ground, and I’m finding it extremely hard not to gawk. The cat is a silvery gray, almost blue, and its fur reminds me of feathers. ― Samantha Verant

Why do I prefer cats to dogs? I have never stepped in cat poo. ― Jack Freestone

If you’ll just sit and pet your cat – or somebody’s cat – find a cat, for God’s sake! Find a cat! Or anything furry – and let it train you into a frequency that will cause you to allow enlightenment. ― Abraham Hicks

All day I inevitably encounter a cat here and there
In the shadow of trees or out in the sun, around
the pile of fallen leaves;
I catch sight of him, deeply engrossed like a bee,
with his own self
Embedded in the skeleton of white soil
Having successfully spotted some bones
of fishes somewhere;
But still, nevertheless, he scratches at the trunk
of the Krishnachura tree
All day he moves about stalking the sun.

Now he shows up here
The next moment he is lost somewhere.
I spot him in the autumn dusk playing around
As if, with his white paws, he is patting the supple body
of the saffron sun;
Then he nets up the tiny balls of darkness with his paw
And spreads them throughout the world.

― Jibanananda Das

Cats are always the center of attention. ― June Stoyer

Cats are great teachers! Their teaching is very simple: You are too busy with life; give time to yourself! ― Mehmet Murat ildan

I’m like my cat. I run around in circles in my apartment, because the big bad outside is just too big. And scary. And outside. How do stray cats deal with all the stress of having no protection from all the air that’s going on around there, without anyone to guide and control it into timidity? ― Will Advise

The cat’s manner of rejection was like cold, white light. ― Takashi Hiraide

I even pulled out the can of cat treats. Yes, I’d bought him treats. Give it another month and I’d be collecting his shed whiskers and claws like a proud momma preserving her baby’s first haircut and lost teeth. ― Kelley Armstrong

A cat’s head rubbing your cheeks can give you a wonderful feeling, that of being loved and accepted. ― Tara Estacaan

The world would probably be better if people were put in carriers and cats roamed free. ― Mary Matthews

I have a Siamese twin cat. It’s got 2 heads and 18 lives. ― M.J. McGuire

There was once an abbot who had spent thirty-nine years alone in the temple with cats as his only companions. As someone who believed that faith and willpower could conquer any difficulty, the abbot began training newborn kittens, trying to turn the impossible into the possible. First he put the rattan hoop on the ground for the kittens to crawl through. Then he slowly raised the hoop little by little, day after day, month after month, and year after year. Years went by and the hoop was gradually raised until he finally succeeded in getting the cats to jump through the hoop. An unusual phenomenon occurred. When the kittens saw the older cats jump, they believed they could do it too and so, without much effort, they learned to jump easily through the hoop as well. ― You Jin

The world of a cat is unlike any other. What is seen through their eyes cannot be understood by anyone besides another cat. Their world is filled with secrets and adventures that are always present and forever changing. To look at the world as a cat is to look through the veil of reality. ― Alex G. Zarate

One of the best partners in writing? A cat! ― Primadonna Angela

Minky, the littlest cat, look as if she stepped in snow when she was a kitten and the snow never melted. She is all black except for her white paws and the spots on her head and tail where the snow didn’t melt either. ― Anne Michaels

I’m like a stray cat. If you feed me, I don’t leave. ― Michelle M. Pillow

What better medicine is there than a cat? ― Jennifer Megan Varnadore

The only one waiting at home for me is my cat! ― Makoto Shinkai

The interview with the cat had been particularly full of appeal. The animal was, it seemed, an illustrious rat-catcher, with many famous deeds to her credit. Not only that, but she had been the first to notice the smell of fire and had, by her anguished and intelligent mewings, attracted the attention of night-watchman number one, who had been in the act of brewing himself a cup of tea when the outbreak took place. ― Dorothy L. Sayers

And there’s nothing wrong with spinsters, anyway. They have nice cats and little bowls full of candy. Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Newitz are the kindest ladies you’ll ever meet, and they have nips of whiskey in their tea like cowboys. ― Catherynne M. Valente

You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense. – Jane Pauley

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. – Cheshire Cat

The cat always leaves a mark on his friend.

― Æsop

The cat has nine lives – three for playing, three for straying, and three for staying. ― English Proverb.

I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it all started with a mouse. ― Walt Disney