Black Cats

It’s August 17th, and it’s National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Many Black Cats ands Black Dogs languish in pounds and shelters. Consider adopting from one of these places. It may be one of the BEST decisions you’ll ever make.

SEVEN GOOD REASONS TO ADOPT BLACK CATS in honor of this holiday are…

  1. Good Fortune
    Black cats are considered signs of good luck in many areas of the world. In England, the black cat is a sign of good luck if it shows up on your wedding day, or if it accompanies sailors at sea. And in some Asian cultures, they believe a black cat can help ward off evil.
  2. Striking Appearance
    The sleek, onyx-colored fur of a black cat accentuates their beautiful eyes, giving them a striking appearance. Black cats have a higher amount of melanin, which makes their golden eyes stand out. The chic black cat is a stunner. They make an statement.
  3. Fur Color
    Like humans, the color of a black cat’s fur can change when exposed to sunlight. Instead of a glossy black hue, some cats develop an auburn or reddish tint to their fur especially if they’re sun worshipers.
  4. Descendents of Royalty
    During ancient times, black cats were revered. In ancient Egypt, they were mummified with their royal owners so they could join them in the afterlife. In Norse mythology, Freya, the goddess of love was often portrayed as riding in a chariot pulled by — black cats! So, by adopting a black cat, you’re basically bringing home royalty.
  5. Strikingly Good Looks
    Black cats often appear in paintings due to their stunning look. They’re movie and TV stars. And notable celebrities like Ernest Hemingway, Fred Astaire, and others proudly owned black cats.
  6. Longevity
    The long lives of black cats have been scientifically studied for years. Their coloring helps keep them camouflaged; possibly protecting them from potential predators. It might also protect them from certain diseases that affect other cats.
  7. Loving Nature
    The TOP reason you should consider adopting a black cat is because of their sweet and loving nature. If you’re looking to add a new furry friend to your family, and a want a extraordinary companion, consider adopting an incredible black cat today!


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