A German Shepherd, A Doberman, and A Cat

This is a story about two dogs a German Shepherd and Doberman and a Cat.

After living full lives as faithful pets, the German Shepherd, Doberman, and Cat die and go to heaven.

Upon arrival, they’re asked to stand in front of God ready to receive their individual judgements.

Before judgement is passed, God asks each of them about their experiences on earth and what they believed in.

The German Shepherd was the first to come forward to answer God’s questions.

The Shepherd bayed and responded to God, saying, “I believe in discipline, training, and loyalty to my master.”

God smiled. He told the dog it was a good response and directed the Shepherd to sit at His right.

God then turned to the Doberman with the same question.

The noble Doberman came forward and answered God, saying, “I believe in the love, care, and protection of my master.”

God couldn’t feel more impressed and gestured to the Doberman to sit at His left because it was deserving of such an honor.

Lastly, God asks the Cat to step forward and tell Him what it believes. And with a stare, the Cat looked at God and said: “I believe you’re sitting in my seat.”

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